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Nature's Design Hoof Care. Barefoot Trim. Photo by Tracy Porter.

Nature's Design Hoof & Horse Care is located in North Georgia. Coverage in too many cities to list so email me to see if I go to your area, chances are I do. And if i don't i can help you find someone who does.
I'm dedicated to helping horses live a more natural and healthy life by providing quality barefoot hoofcare and lifestyle adjustments that better suit the needs of your horses. This website will be dedicated to providing information and education on the latest findings and methods for making the domestic horse live a life closer to its thriving cousins in the wild.
Barefoot Hoofcare encompasses all that a horse needs to sustain a healthy and productive life. I'm not just a hoof trimmer, I look at the horse as a whole and work with owners to understand the necessity of a balanced state of living, naturally from tooth to tail. I'm not a farrier, I'm a hoofcare practitioner that specializes in barefoot hoofcare for all horses.
Why did I go barefoot?
I tried barefoot on my horse when the farrier and vet was telling us to retire her or put her down. This was after 7yrs of having her being diagnosed as Navicular and going through the myriad of "corrective" shoes, pads, wedges, and everything else recommended by the farrier. All these changes would work for a few months and then she'd be lame again. She started to refuse hills of any kind and needed to be buted for even short rides on flat surfaces. Even limped when just walking around in the pasture. Thats when we had Todd come out and pull the shoes off her, after all she wasn't useful to ride anyway so why bother with the shoes, right??
He pulled her shoes, trimmed her up, and described what he was seeing. Severely contracted heels that were also very tall(hence the diagnosis of "navicular syndrome". long unnaturally angled toe. shriveled up frog from lack of use over many, many years. digital cushion like squishy chicken fat offering no internal support. and the list went on as to what was wrong with her feet.
after her trim, she walked off a bit and then broke into a CANTER UP A HILL!!!! our jaws dropped and faces must've looked very funny because Todd looked concerned and asked "what, what did i do?"  we told him what we were dealing with before and why we were so stunned. He too was shocked at so quickly she responded to the change in her feet. We ended up getting another 8yrs of riding out of this misdiagnosed navicular horse who needed to be retired or put down. She got retired 2yrs ago at the age of 27 after she battled moon blindness that left her blind in one eye and 90% blind in the other. She is now a happy pasture pet who still has some giddy up left to her that she uses to harrass her pasture mate :)
"  I feel VERY blessed to have found you!  Thanks again for the kindness and care you provided for our horses.  It is refreshing to find a talented farrier who is dedicated to the field, providing excellent services and is as knowledgeable of current practices as you are.  It truly shows you care of the horses you service and seek to maintain the highest level of standards for your business and your field.  Thank you!  You will have us as customers for the long haul!" - Gale U.
Many owners are surprised to find that I can help SAVE them money!! Feeds, supplements, treats, etc. are not always needed in a horse's diet and by cutting some or even all of these out, I can sometimes fix a lingering problem that was showing itself through hoof growth.
Remember, the feet are usually not "the" problem, just a visible sign of something going on in the rest of the horse.
My goal is to use the wild horse as a model for my work with domestic horses. Not just their feet but their way of life.        
                                                            -Anne Stephens
Just became an EasyCare dealer! I can help you with all your booting needs. Email me to find out how!!
Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come! 
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Natural Trim. Done in North Georgia. Nature's Design Hoof Care. Photo by Tracy Porter
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