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1yr since last trim. hoof. barefoot.
After trim. happy hoof. balanced. barefoot. no boots needed.

 Same horse!! 5 months between before and after pics with 6wk trimming schedule. See my blog for more great case studies.
About Us
I'm a Barefoot Hoofcare Specialist, have complete school and earned my Equine Sciences Degree with the Equine Sciences Academy. I am currently accepting clients and serve the North Georgia and surrounding areas. I can also help you choose the right hoof boot for your horses riding or rehab needs. I offer a variety of services to help your horse reach a more true to nature existence within domestication from dental evaluations to equine massage work. I can help you set up a great paddock design that will encourage movement and ease the transition into barefoot living. By creating a more natural living environment that allows good movement you not only create tougher hooves and a healthy physique but you improve the mental well being of your horse as well. A big part of what makes up a herds dynamic is their travels and the specific role each horse plays within the herd. Wild horses travel between 20-30 miles A DAY! Why shouldn't your domestic horse? I provide high quality hoofcare with what I've learned from my studies with the ESA and out in the field. I also boot horses that need an extra level of comfort while transitioning to a barefoot lifestyle. Or just for riding over rugged terrain. I can also evaluate your horse's diet and help you cut out any unnecessary foodstuffs as well as add anything that might be missing from their diet. Many horses lack sufficient minerals and vitamins, this can affect your horse's coat, hooves, and even their temperament! 

Now offering Equine Massage to further help your horse reach optimal wellness and performance!!

Proud recipient of the
Equine Sciences Degree

 " I just wanted to express how THANKFUL I am for finding Anne. I  have gone through MANY farriers over the years. However, not one of them has helped Cat's hooves as much as Anne has over the past few months. Thanks to Anne’s trimming, her hooves look the BEST that I have ever seen them."- Lauren H. 
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