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Candi~Sweet Girl, Overgrown Feet

Candi is another case of the failing economy and its affect on horses. Owners didn't have funds to keep up with hoofcare or adequate feed. She was rescued by the lady who called me. Another horse angel swooping in and caring for our beloved equines :)
On to the pics:
Right fore. cracks from overgrowth, good amount of flaring.
Same foot. showing the extra toe and flare.
Right fore sole view.

Your Horse and the Spring Grass

Spring time can be beautiful with its flowers and new grass growing to cover the barren land.
It can also mean disaster for your horse if he is sensitive to how he metabolizes the sugars in grass. During the Spring, sugars in the grass your horse consumes can spike at up to 30%!!!
Thats an incredible amount of sugar when you factor in that our horses digestive system are designed to eat 16-17hrs a day.
Founder is a word that becomes a common term thrown around during this time of year.
Founder and known as Laminitis is, in a simplistic definition, it occurs when too much sugar or an overload of grain/grass/corn/etc.

Long Term Trim Neglect Case

This is a great little horse! She was purchased about 3wks ago and was told she had just been trimmed (by the owner). Her new owners weren't convinced that was true and when I got there I confirmed their suspicions. If this horse grows this much hoof in 3 wks she needs to be on a 1 1/2 week schedule!
Lots of flare, disconnected hoof wall from being left to long. those nasty prying forces at work. some ripples down the hoof so she's probably mildly foundered a few times over the past year.

Rescue Horse

neglected hoof. rescue horse.This horse was acquired as a rescue in Nov. of 2010 and as you can see the feet were not taken care of very well. the horse is in his teens and is an awesome animal with the sweetest demeanor.
here's a glimpse into what can be done for these neglect cases. 
what this guy had going for him was that the hoof wall although there are some small ripples down the hoof, he had relatively well connected hoof wall coming from the coronet.
overgrown hoof.

Cat- A Work In Progress

shod. contracted heels. heel bulb cleavage as i call it. stressed hoof.This is the beginning of Cat's journey. Diagnosed as Navicular, heart bar shoes and equipak were applied in May 2010. An expensive application and unfortunately not doing the horse any good. Unbalanced would be an understatement!
look how crooked her poor foot is. horribly contracted heels, with what I like to call heel bulb cleavage. and you can see the results of the concussive forces of wearing shoes in the hoof wall. see the bulge in the wall on the right side of the picture? yikes!
had shoes pulled and feet trimmed by a well qualified barefoot trimmer but when she moved back home had to find someone else.

Barefoot Performance Horses

I wish I had some barefoot performance horses to trim. they would be the most beneficial of going barefoot with all the stress and torque put on their limbs. I hate hearing how barrel racers and jumpers HAVE to have shoes to do that stuff. Truth of it is that they would have better stamina and traction than their shod counterparts!!
So, if you've got a performance horse you want to try barefoot with in the North Georgia area, call me!!
Would make a great case study and prove that barefoot is better.

Chronic Founder with Remodeled Coffin Bone

high heels, recommended Rx boots, trimmed heels down dramatically.chronic founder left him with a remodeled coffin bone. boots to ease comfort.
This is what chronic founder can look like.
I only show this guy to emphasize the need
to watch your horse's diet. Years of founder
can lead to a real breakdown of the hoof
and in some cases like this one, the coffin bone or P3
gets eroded away at the tip from being exposed
through the sole during these episodes of founder.
He was probably on grass most of his life and couldn't
handle all the sugars in it. This horse was also thought
to be insulin resistant. Which just exaggerated the effects
of the sugars on his system.

Jasper's Casts

Castings we did on Jasper. stayed on a couple of weeks, his feet grow wicked fast!!
on my last visit out there after they came off i did notice some concavity starting to form. yay!!
here's a couple pics of his castings. i hadn't done any in over a year so i think its not too shabby considering that fact. lol!
casting done to help founder case. create concavity. maybe boots for riding.casting did wonders for him. trimming on a 4wk schedule improved his breakover.sole protection for thin feet. built up good sole while in the casts. boots recommended.

Lots of overgrown hoof!!

Great little horse!  When I got there this is what I saw.
poor hoofcare and trimmings created this problem. no boots necessary, just specialized barefoot trims.Lots of overgrown hoof. Horse hadn't been trimmed in a while. Great base to start with though, look at that heel width and large frog!after trim. round, even hoof wall. lowered heels. more natural for the horse.
Nearly perfectly round saucer feet. Lowered the heels to where they should be, took off all the flare and made the hoof wall the same thickness all the way around.
This is why I went to school to learn the entire mechanics, ins and outs of the hoof and horse.

Just became an official EasyCare Inc. dealer!

Thats right, I can now offer fitting and sale of EasyCare Inc. hoof boots for all your riding and rehab needs. Check out their website to see their line of boots and accessories, I have a link to their site on my website.
The best part is that I can offer the hoof boots at a discounted rate for you since I get a dealer discount in my purchases that means I pass along the savings to you :)
Its a win win for everyone involved, especially the horses!
Contact me to see how I can help you with the correct selection and size of hoof boots to best serve your needs.
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