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Jasper 10/2010
Jasper 10/2010
Flared, Flat Disconnected Hoof
Jasper 10/2010
Jasper 10/2010
Super Flat, Thin Sole
I'm going to use my blog space for case studies as well.
This one is for Jasper.
Pretty decent flared toe, white line separation, super flat feet, but he's trying really hard to grow in a tight well connected hoof.
Going to try casting him to give him some relief and get some good sole built up.
This is BEFORE his 2nd trim with me. I think i'll be more aggressive before doing the casts so we bring back his breakover point. His diet is well controlled, hay and whole oats. Not as much exercise or turn out time as we'd like to see but thats reality sometimes, we don't always have the ideal living situation for our horses. The good news is that healing can still take place, it will just take longer than if he had adequate turn out time and exercise. But it can be done!! I'll keep posting pics as he progresses.
1/11- update!!  read about his castings to see where this is picking up from. but shortened version is we put on the casts and he had started to grow some well connected hoof and he was getting some good concavity in the soles. unfortunately Jasper's curiosity and nibbly nature got him in trouble this winter. he started munching on tree bark and poison ivy roots. most horses do this and its no big deal, but Jasper is sensitive to these things it turns out and just that little bit of munching caused some ripples in the hoof growth and his soles just bulged out. 
its really sad because his owner has done everything right. he was on a paddock with hay, water and vitamins. no grass. no treats. he's just one of those metabolically sensitive horses. he's since been moved and i'm heading out to see him soon. 

you can see the flat sole bulging, bars grown up to support the sole.

10/11-UPDATE: Jasper is looking pretty good considering the circumstances. he's still got some kinks in his diet to work out and i'm not able to get out to see him as often as needed but the good news is his soles have done some great thickening and concavity is finally present!
so here's where we are today. some decent connection again at the top part of the foot, evident diet disruptions down the hoof capsule, and disconnected flared hoof wall closer to the ground. but the quality of hoof here is quite awesome and he can withstand the longer stretches between trims without chipping or splitting. it just flows out. the bad news to that is the prying forces on the toe wall with this much excess is creating the flare we can see up the hoof. more so than the dietary issues in my opinion.

again, hoof wall overgrowth. but look how well it holds together, super strong hoof. sole is exfoliating as well, to reveal some concavity. yay! i did a happy dance when i saw it. ;)

after the trim. better break over for him to relieve those opposing forces that cause the laminae "velcro" to rip apart.

sole view after the trim. you can see where i helped exfoliate the sole to an extent. i always leave some to work out on its own naturally.

ok, so its not a cereal bowl we can eat out of but its such an improvement from our first meeting.
he's had some stumbling blocks but overall has come a long way in a year. yes we should have grown out a whole new hoof and he has, its just not the best hoof he can have yet. trimming infrequently and his little dietary hiccups (he's a metabolically sensitive horse, any upset in his normal routine including weather changes affect this horse so its a constant battle to stay on top of it and make sure his diet is steady and unchanging, easier said than done for 99% of horse owners dealing with grass).

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