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Chronic Founder with Remodeled Coffin Bone

high heels, recommended Rx boots, trimmed heels down dramatically.chronic founder left him with a remodeled coffin bone. boots to ease comfort.
This is what chronic founder can look like.
I only show this guy to emphasize the need
to watch your horse's diet. Years of founder
can lead to a real breakdown of the hoof
and in some cases like this one, the coffin bone or P3
gets eroded away at the tip from being exposed
through the sole during these episodes of founder.
He was probably on grass most of his life and couldn't
handle all the sugars in it. This horse was also thought
to be insulin resistant. Which just exaggerated the effects
of the sugars on his system. He just couldn't process them.
you can see in the first picture his bulged out sole.
it was more leathery than anything. quite a weird feeling.
the second photo shows why i think the coffin bone was
remodeled. i will point out however that there were no x-rays taken
to determine remodeling happened. but i'm 99.9% sure there was.
here's why:
look how close to the ground the hairline is at the toe. and the curling
nature of the hoof wall as its growing. its not just heels gone wild.
what happens when the coffin bone erodes is it develops a ski slope
looking tip off of where the bone has stopped eroding. the corium follows this bony growth and so does the hoof wall.  thats where this crazy sudden up turn at the toe occurs.
take home point. watch your horse's diet!! if ripples are present in his hooves, or flat soled, and overweight, your horse could be at risk of a major founder episode. consult with your farrier to determine if dietary
changes need to be implemented. a knowledgable farrier will be able to spot trouble in your horse's hoof growth relating to diet and can even help prevent a founder episode from  happening by working with you to alter the horse's diet to better suit his nutritional needs.

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