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Cat- A Work In Progress

shod. contracted heels. heel bulb cleavage as i call it. stressed hoof.This is the beginning of Cat's journey. Diagnosed as Navicular, heart bar shoes and equipak were applied in May 2010. An expensive application and unfortunately not doing the horse any good. Unbalanced would be an understatement!
look how crooked her poor foot is. horribly contracted heels, with what I like to call heel bulb cleavage. and you can see the results of the concussive forces of wearing shoes in the hoof wall. see the bulge in the wall on the right side of the picture? yikes!
had shoes pulled and feet trimmed by a well qualified barefoot trimmer but when she moved back home had to find someone else. Found someone but was not impressed with her work and so she sent me some pics to take a look at and give my opinion.  here's a few of them:
front right hoof prior. imbalanced hoof.front left hoof prior. very imbalanced. needs a more natural hoof to walk properly.Lots of issues here. Bulging,flared hoof wall and you can see at the hairline where the hoof capsule has dropped down creating that exaggerated bulge at the coronet.
flared toes. sunken hoof capsule. bulging hoof wall. even when barefoot. stlll needs some proper hoofcare to correct.
getting slightly better. sept. 2010. still contracted heels and unnatural shape.
so here's after a month of me trimming her. horse had an abscess blow out, thats medicine you see on the foot. This was obviously a pre trim photo. Owner sent it in to show me how the abscess was working along.
Here we are after a trim in Jan 2011. Oh, the above pic is of the right fore. These next pics are of the right fore as well. I just picked one foot to highlight here or i'd have pics out the wazoo to post!
jan 2011. decontracting heels. a more natural round shape to the hoof.jan 2011. regaining some balance after years of imbalance.
right fore
funkiness on left side is from the false sole that developed after the abscess blew out.
good concavity now too!
much healthier frog, not ideal but again may just be what we're left with due to years of shoes. but a DEFINITE improvement. still working on that balance. but look how much more relaxed the heel bulbs are compared to the shod picture. still got the cleavage but at this point, after being in those shoes for so long, this may be the best we get. But time will tell. She's come leaps and bounds in just a few short months. She may surprise me!
here's a shot of the front feet from this past trim as well. Now compare this picture to the front picture shot from around August before I started trimming her. The angle is a little different but the growth is definitely straighter and tighter than before.
jan 2011. front feet. more natural, barefoot hooves. just a good regimen of barefoot hoof care and  few months.
Here are some new shots. compare these to the Jan ones. she's making even more improvement!!!
Look at the difference in the height of the heels bulbs from hairline to ground from Jan's pic to this one. thats a lot of relaxing going on, now i just hope that the rest of it will do the same so that the hair line is not angled. it should be more straight across rather than angled like it is. also look at how much the heels have widened here. Jan's pic had a much deeper cleft between the bulbs and its not as bulgy looking. definitely moving in a positive direction.
Not a great picture, but i wanted to add it to show how the frog is filling in nicely at the heels. the bar is starting to come back from where the abscess was too.
Still room to "grow" but much better than what she had even a year ago. compare this photo to the one at the beginning of this blog. much better connected and the hairline is much more relaxed.
Fronts from the side. has a few ripples growing down the hoof wall but nothing major. loving the straightness in the wall there and still looks to be growing in steeper which means lower heels and a moer natural hoof capsule position is on its way. Cat's owner has really done a great job at keeping on a regular schedule of trimming and maintaining a good diet for this horse. she's lost a good bit of weight that needed to come off and will be getting lots of exercise this summer which will only help speed up more rehab on her feet. but honestly they look fantastic already!
even Cat thinks so, here's her "glamour shot". i love this!!
These are her hinds btw.

2 Comments to Cat- A Work In Progress:

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Lauren on Thursday, February 24, 2011 1:54 PM
I'm Cat's owner, and I just wanted to express how THANKFUL I am for finding Anne. I have owned Cat since she was 5 (she's now 12) and have gone through MANY farriers over the years. However, not one of them has helped Cat's hooves as much as Anne has over the past few months. Her hind hooves are no longer flaring. Her front hooves are no longer long in the toe. Her hoof heels are no longer sky high. Thanks to Anne’s trimming, her hooves look the BEST that I have ever seen them, and I cannot wait to see how they continue progressing in the next coming months! Thank you Anne!!! 
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Anne on Friday, February 25, 2011 12:13 PM
Thanks Lauren!! Cat is a great case of knowledge gone astray. what was being done to her was what 90% of farriers and vets would deem necessary and effective. but with all the new studies and scientifc research being done we're learning that not all the traditional treatments are working and some even surface as being counterproductive! So glad to be working with you and getting Cat back up to speed. Can't wait to see how she progresses.

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