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Rescue Horse

neglected hoof. rescue horse.This horse was acquired as a rescue in Nov. of 2010 and as you can see the feet were not taken care of very well. the horse is in his teens and is an awesome animal with the sweetest demeanor.
here's a glimpse into what can be done for these neglect cases. 
what this guy had going for him was that the hoof wall although there are some small ripples down the hoof, he had relatively well connected hoof wall coming from the coronet.
overgrown hoof.
here's what i was able to do for him at this trim.
overgrown hoof. didn't need any boots though. tough feet. not much i could do with that outter wall as it was all tattered. thats why it looks so lopsided. if i were to match it i'd be thinning that thick wall on the inside of the hoof. not a good thing to do.
here's one of his other feet. a little gnarlier to look at.
neglected hoof
more disconnected hoof wall to deal with on this hoof.
neglected, overgrown hoof
and after my trim:
trimmed hoof.
some funky shaping going on around this hoof.
trimmed hoof.
this was as good as i could get it on this first trim. gotta stay within the parameters that the hoof provides for me. to cut a "normal" looking foot on this horse would've crippled him. its not a quick fix application but a process that takes some time. I always stress this to new clients so they are 100% in the know of what to expect and the realistic timeline of the healing process.
i'll keep updating you as things progress.
updated hoof. more natural. great mustang roll.2/11 UPDATE!: Feet getting better. still have some growing out to do but the shape is improving and getting some nice concavity.
making great progress.sole view. udated hoof. more natural shape.sole view.updated hoof. more natural shape in other foot too.
As you can see the hoof shape is more natural now that its been trimmed properly for a few months.
still has some white line separation but like i stated, there's still some growing to do on this guy.
sole concavity!!you can see some concavity being made here. the angles a bit off for the picture so it looks like the toe is higher than the heels. this isn't the case, its just tricky getting shots of feet while you're trying to hold them at the same time!

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