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Long Term Trim Neglect Case

This is a great little horse! She was purchased about 3wks ago and was told she had just been trimmed (by the owner). Her new owners weren't convinced that was true and when I got there I confirmed their suspicions. If this horse grows this much hoof in 3 wks she needs to be on a 1 1/2 week schedule!
Lots of flare, disconnected hoof wall from being left to long. those nasty prying forces at work. some ripples down the hoof so she's probably mildly foundered a few times over the past year. This is at least 6 months of no hoofcare. NOT 3-4wks
Her new owners are awesome people and realized she needed some help. They contacted me right away to make sure the horse gets on a good hoofcare program.
Ok, here's the pics:
Left Heel
Left Fore Before
~flat, thin sole~
Left Fore After
~lowered the heels, cut off about an inch in some places off the toe wall. left some "padding" around the toe to support where the white line is detached~
Left Fore Heel After.
Imbalance due to a knee injury of sorts. Not sure exactly what the problem is, but there's a large knot on her knee cap and she slightly favors it. Upon studying these photos it seems like an old injury and she compensates for it to the extent that her leg is now off balanced. Lack of care could be a part of this issue so we'll see how it goes.
Right Fore Before
~flat sole, shallow collateral grooves at apex of the frog~
Right Fore Heel Before
~imbalanced and long heels~
Right Fore After
~lowered heels, took a lot of hoof wall off and of course gave the customary mustang roll~
Right Fore Heel After
~balanced out the heels, much better!~
Its amazing what just one trim can accomplish. Of course the sole is still very thin in the front feet so she'll need some time to get back to full swing but she should progress quickly now that she's getting great care with her new owners.
Updates coming soon!

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