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Candi~Sweet Girl, Overgrown Feet

Candi is another case of the failing economy and its affect on horses. Owners didn't have funds to keep up with hoofcare or adequate feed. She was rescued by the lady who called me. Another horse angel swooping in and caring for our beloved equines :)
On to the pics:
Right fore. cracks from overgrowth, good amount of flaring.
Same foot. showing the extra toe and flare.
Right fore sole view. over an inch of excess growth. heels growing out of control. but overall a good base to work with.
Same foot after the trim. MUCH better. white line needs to grow in tighter but i'd call this a great transformation for just one trim.
After the trim.
Night and Day difference from first picture. heel lowered, toe backed up to promote proper breakover point. more natural appearance and function.
This horse has a great base to work with and in a few months with a good diet and routine hoof maintenance schedule that white line will grow in well connected and further strengthen the foot. Here's what Candi's owner had to say after just one trim:
"Prior to her "manicure" she seemed to have trouble walking due to the overgrowth of her hoofs.  Now she seems to walk with more confidence and seems more comfortable on her feet."

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