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Foundered Mule

Foundered mule that was taken in by some good people to get back on the right track.Her feet are way overgrown, so pile neglect on top of the foundering. Fat crest on her neck
indicative of founder as well.

majorly overgrown hoof wall. heels curling
under like crazy. hind feet in bas shape as well. mule was getting around pretty good but with over exaggerated leg action
to compensate for the overgrowth.

 Close ups of her front feet.

i took her heels down a good bit this first trip out but didn't get any good work done on her hoof walls.
here's her after pics from her full trim 3wks later. not much changed on the length since last visit. but she had been moving around more just with having her heels lowered. but again, no real change inbetween these pics and the next set before her trim.
very elongated hoof.
 mostly lamellar wedge from the disconnected hoof wall caused by the founder and overgrowth.
took a good bit of hoof off. still stayed a bit conservative just to maintain a good amount of protection for her inner structures. lamellar wedge is not as strong or hard as well connected hoof wall.
                      front foot after her trim. almost looks like a normal foot!
rehabilitation is always a process, but this is a great
start for this girl. no more exaggerated leg action just to trot across the field.
hind foot before the trim
 hind foot after trim. its an improvement for sure.
I love cases like this because it proves that just because a horse's feet look awful it doesn't
 mean that the horse is a lost cause. many can be rehabilitated with time, good diet, and
regular trimming. thats not to say we can save them all but in this case all that was needed
 was a little tlc and time to grow in a new foot. will post updates as she progresses.

UPDATE- 6/23/11- her front feet had grown a little bit more than i expected but i was able to trim a good amount off and i think after next trim she'll have normal looking donkey feet. although the front feet have some time to go before establishing normalcy, her hind feet have reached that level now. yay!
here's her recent pics:
front left. you can see we've got a little ways and her diet can be improved but its not in the cards at the moment for her. she's on pasture so i may be battling it for a little longer than expected. but we're making headway :)

got a good bit of toe off this go round. much more natural toe length for proper breakover.

front right.

left hind. looking awesome! compare this picture to the one at the beginning of this post which is when i first met her. she's come a long way in short period of time.

right hind.
looking good. again the ripples are from her diet but overall an amazing transformation in just a few weeks.

owners have been very happy with the progress. they say she now canters along with the other donkeys and floats across the ground.

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