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"Cash"ing in on going barefoot

not much to say here about his guy, picture speaks for itself!
way too long and underrun foot. common happening in horses that are shod. this is because the hoof is not able to expand and contract naturally all the way around the foot. in stead what happens is it moves the only way it can, forward. so the constant shoeing and lack of expansion pulls the foot forward creating this long toe/underrun heel condition.
just trying to show the misalignment of the angles here due to the hoof condition.

just a little too much toe here...

severely contracted heels. this all puts strain on the lateral cartilages and lacking in digital cushion sustainability. not to mention the fact that the frog is rendered useless here sending all the concussion of the foot through the hoof wall. ouch!
here's what i did at this trim just to set things up:

also notice how flat his soles are here. 

now for the updated pics. this is just 5mos after pulling his shoes:

much more natural feet. this may look weird to people used to seeing elongated feet on their horses but giving them a chance to grow out their natural angle as seen here at the hairline and can be seen in the original pictures before the shoes were pulled we're allowing the horse to regain natural angle through the distal leg, natural breakover, and proper function of the internal hoof.
he's widening throughout the whole foot by now. widening at those heels to incorporate the frog, which still needs some grow time, and the heels are decontracting allowing the inner structures to perform as they're designed to.
look at those heels now! relaxed hairline, no pinched look ( i refer to this as heel bulb cleavage)

he's showing us the foot he wanted so desperately to have but couldn't grow b/c of the hinderance of shoes and improper mechanics.
this guy still has room for improvement. like the frog needs to grow in some more, i'm still working on getting the heels down to where the frog can get stimulation and circulation to grow healthier. its a process. we can't just hack the foot we want to see on the horse, its about watching the growth at each trim and understanding what the horse is telling us at that time and trim accordingly. another thing we're facing with this guy is diet, he's on an overfertilized field that's causing him a few setbacks in developing sole thickness. feed has been eliminated so we know its the grass at this point. but from the standpoint of things we can control at this time, he's a world away from where he started :)

**UPDATE** 4/5/13

Cash was moved to a new boarding facility that is much more conducive to a horse's natural lifestyle. no rich, overseeded and overfertilized grass. just native pasture grass that goes untouched except by horses. the difference has been amazing in his hoof health.  he now crushes over rocks like its no problem. its amazing what just a little tweak in the diet can do! and shows the importance of keeping horses from too rich of grass.
and now the fun part, PICTURES!!

much better hoof angle and still growing in tighter and well connected wall with each new growth cycle

frogs growing in much healthier. still work to do though.

look at that concavity! now that's a healthy, thick sole :)

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