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Donkeys! They need hoofcare too

I trim a lot of donkeys these days. some are in bad shape when i first see them. due to strong, thick hoof walls their feet tend to curl and keep growing rather than break off like most horses will. i'll use this blog to show the good, the bad, and most certainly the ugly. most are donkeys used to protect cattle and it takes a little while to get them all trimmed up. i think thats one of the reasons they are left for so long, they're hard to deal with and expensive to sedate. ive been very fortunate to work with people who understand the importance of routine care and now maintain a healthy schedule to keep their guard donks in tip top coyote chasing shape.
very common way donkeys will overgrow. whats remarkable is that they remain SOUND!
in most cases. some cases are severe enough that lameness will occur, but i must say its rare. incredible animals!

another scenario, what i call the peg leg. the hoof grows straight up and down essentially locking the fetlock and causing them to, well, peg leg around.

now some good pics, after routine trims most were good to go right away, some others took a few months for the twisted hoof to grow out.

       I love working with donkeys. most are very appreciative of having better feet to get around on. some, well, remain true instinctive donkeys. but i know deep down they love me. ha!
these guys make some of the best case studies because of the amazing transformations we accomplish. so if you have a donkey that is in need please give me a call! lets grow the list of rehabbed donkeys :)

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