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Look that horse in the mouth, you may be surprised at whats going on


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Look that horse in the mouth, you may be surprised at whats going on

Young horse jaw bone i found in a pasture. Awesome find!!
you can see the last molar hasn't erupted yet. this is probably a 3yr old horse.
notice the sharp edges on the teeth?? yes, those are supposed to be there!!!  they help in the chewing and breaking down of grass and hay. when they're ground down smooth they lose that ability and your horse can't chew or digest properly. finding a true professional dentist is a must to ensure adequate care it taken of your horses teeth :)

Proper dentition is a crucial element of balance to your horse.

Cadaver Pics-WARNING some graphic pics of inner hooves

Ever wonder whats going on inside your horse's hoof?

Here's a decent looking internal view of a hoof. The toe is awfully long but sole is thick and coffin bone is a little lower than it should be but still a good idea of what it should look like in there. triangular looking bone (only in sagittal view does it appear that way) is the coffin bone. above that is p2 and above that is p1. the small bone under p2 is the navicular bone. you can also see the flexor tendon that runs along the back of it pretty well.

Laminitis and Conventional Medicine, The Times, They Are A Changin'

Great article on why research is always needed to stay current and learn new things about our equine companions.
Not all old ways are cutting it and with new studies like this bringing light to better ways on treating serious ailments like laminitis it makes me so passionate about always learning and encouraging horse owners to educate themselves as well. Not all farriers are up to speed to be sure to question them on their education, background, and RECENT knowledge on the hoof and mechanics. It could save you time, money, and most importantly the life of your horse.

Bucking the system

I knew when i got into this business that it would be a battle sometimes. Old school vets and farriers who've been practicing longer than i've been alive are hard to combat with at times.
I guess i'm one of the unconventional, barefoot trimmers that these kinds of professionals just can't wrap their minds around. I'm so glad to have learned what i've learned and see it work in the hard cases i'm able to work with.
i know i won't be able to convince every owner to buck the system and give me a shot but i'm certainly appreciative to the brave ones who can see the truth behind the barefoot movement and how much more beneficial it is for the horses and say "why not!

Your Horse and the Spring Grass

Spring time can be beautiful with its flowers and new grass growing to cover the barren land.
It can also mean disaster for your horse if he is sensitive to how he metabolizes the sugars in grass. During the Spring, sugars in the grass your horse consumes can spike at up to 30%!!!
Thats an incredible amount of sugar when you factor in that our horses digestive system are designed to eat 16-17hrs a day.
Founder is a word that becomes a common term thrown around during this time of year.
Founder and known as Laminitis is, in a simplistic definition, it occurs when too much sugar or an overload of grain/grass/corn/etc.
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