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Hoof Care Welcome Blog

Barefoot Performance Horses

I wish I had some barefoot performance horses to trim. they would be the most beneficial of going barefoot with all the stress and torque put on their limbs. I hate hearing how barrel racers and jumpers HAVE to have shoes to do that stuff. Truth of it is that they would have better stamina and traction than their shod counterparts!!
So, if you've got a performance horse you want to try barefoot with in the North Georgia area, call me!!
Would make a great case study and prove that barefoot is better.

Just became an official EasyCare Inc. dealer!

Thats right, I can now offer fitting and sale of EasyCare Inc. hoof boots for all your riding and rehab needs. Check out their website to see their line of boots and accessories, I have a link to their site on my website.
The best part is that I can offer the hoof boots at a discounted rate for you since I get a dealer discount in my purchases that means I pass along the savings to you :)
Its a win win for everyone involved, especially the horses!
Contact me to see how I can help you with the correct selection and size of hoof boots to best serve your needs.

Meeting new people and horses

I really enjoy this part of my job. I'm a social person by nature so its right up my alley. I've met quite a few new people the past couple months and i must say i've loved every single one of them! I've been lucky enough to get great horse lovers as clients who want the best care for their horses, which conveniently is what i want too :)
And what funny horses i've encountered. a filly who loves her boy after being neglected for most of her young life, a robust palomino has been most patient and you can see the love for her owner in her soulful eyes.

My new blog!!!

Well i guess i'm officially a blogger now. i hope to keep up with this and post stories on the horses i'm trimming, diagnosis, successes, and let downs.
also would love to include some thoughts and information on what i'm learning at the moment. although most of that stuff can be found on my facebook page.
well i guess thats it for my first post!
stay tuned, blogging genius yet to come ;)
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